Rear View Mirror Monitor EK-043LE – Manual Anti-Glare Switch


The Steelmate Automotive rear view mirror monitor is an OEM style replacement rear view mirror, with an integrated 4.3″ (16:9) HD LCD Screen.


The mirror has 2 RCA inputs, one dedicated for a rear view camera with a reverse gear signal wire which enables auto switching of the monitor to the rear camera. The second input can be used for any AV source that has an RCA output, such as an external media player.

This means our replacement OEM style mirror/monitor combination provides the ideal solution to integrate your rear view camera and other AV sources without cluttering up the dashboard with add on screens.

Note:A vehicle specific mounting bracket is required to fix this mirror to your vehicles bonded windscreen mount. See Mirror Mounts.

The EK-043LE mirror has a manual anti-glare switch and adjustable rear camera guide lines via remote control meaning wherever the rear camera is installed on the vehicle its guide lines can be adjusted up/down, left/right or rotated to ensure perfect alignment with the back of the vehicle and the image from the camera.

Main Features:
Screen size: 4.3 Inch
Display screen: TFT-LCD
Aspect resolution: 480(H) X 272(V) (4.3Inch)
Working voltage: DC 12V
Two RCA video inputs
Adjustable Parking Lines Including Off
Reverse trigger wire
Signal system: Auto PAL/NSTC
Manual anti-glare switch
Auto brightness adjustment on video image
Remote control


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