PTS800EX White Sensors & Integration Interface


Fully Fitted at our Professional Fitting Bay in Nottingham using the latest Laser Technology.

8 Sensor Front And Rear Kit with vehicle interface to integrate our after-market parking sensor functions to the original multimedia car system.


Please check before ordering that you car and stereo/multimedia system is listed in the Integration interface compatibility list below. The interface will need activating so you will need main dealer level diagnostics for the vehicle you are installing to. The parking sensors can be programmed to ignore tow bars or spare wheels. Can be used as a 2 Sensor system on the front or rear part of the kit if required. The sensor hole size is 18.8mm in diameter. The visible external diameter of the sensor head is 22.9mm with a depth of 20.1mm and they have detachable cables and a 4 and 10 degree angle of tilt in the box.

Sensor Colour Coding:

We offer a sensor colour coding service which enables the sensors to be sprayed to match the colour of your vehicle for an additional cost. If you select the ‘match my vehicle colour’ option above when ordering, you can enter your vehicle make, model and colour code under general information at the checkout process or if you prefer let a member of our staff call you to obtain the colour code for your vehicle. The colour code can usually be found on the vehicles VIN plate or door shut.

Main Features:

8 sensor system, complete front and rear protection
2 control units designed for luxury vehicles
Intelligent detection, compatible with spare tyre or tow bar (rear)
Anti-false alert technology
Can be used in different sensor combinations e.g. 2 front, 4 rear or 4 front, 2 rear etc
Detachable sensor with waterproof cable connectors
Self-test function
All weather design

Technical Parameters:

Operating temperature: -40oC~ 85 oC
Input: <300mA
Beep volume: 70~90dB
Sensor installation height: 45~65cm
Range: Front: 0.3~1.0m
Rear: 0.3~2.5m

Integration interface compatibility:

A1 2014-> MMI
A3 2013-> MMI

Alhambra 2011-> RCD310
Alhambra 2011-> RCD315
Alhambra 2011-> RNS310
Alhambra 2011-> RNS315
Altea 2011-> RCD310
Altea 2011-> RCD315
Altea 2011-> RNS310
Altea 2011-> RNS315
Leon 2011-2012 RCD310
Leon 2011-2012 RCD315
Leon 2011-2012 RNS310
Leon 2011-2012 RNS315
Toledo 2015-> RNS315

Fabia 2011-> RNS Amundsen
Fabia 2011-> Swing
Octavia II 2011-2012 RNS Amundsen
Octavia II 2011-2012 Swing
Octavia III 2013-> Bolero
Octavia III 2013-> Bolero Plus
Octavia III 2013-> Navi Amundsen
Roomster 2011-> RNS Amundsen
Roomster 2011-> Swing
Superb 2011-> RNS Amundsen
Superb 2011-> Swing
Yeti 2011-> RNS Amundsen
Yeti 2011-> Swing

Amarok 2013-> RCD315
Amarok 2013-> RCD510
Amarok 2013-> RNS315
Amarok 2013-> RNS510
Beetle 2012-> RCD310
Beetle 2012-> RCD315
Beetle 2012-> RCD510
Beetle 2012-> RNS310
Beetle 2012-> RNS315
Beetle 2012-> RNS510
Caddy 2010-> RCD310
Caddy 2010-> RCD315
Caddy 2010-> RCD510
Caddy 2010-> RNS310
Caddy 2010-> RNS315
Caddy 2010-> RNS510
Eos 2009-> RCD310
Eos 2009-> RCD315
Eos 2009-> RCD510
Eos 2009-> RNS310
Eos 2009-> RNS315
Eos 2009-> RNS510
Golf V Plus 2009-> RCD310
Golf V Plus 2009-> RCD315
Golf V Plus 2009-> RCD510
Golf V Plus 2009-> RNS310
Golf V Plus 2009-> RNS315
Golf V Plus 2009-> RNS510
Golf VI 2009-> RCD310
Golf VI 2009-> RCD315
Golf VI 2009-> RCD510
Golf VI 2009-> RNS310
Golf VI 2009-> RNS315
Golf VI 2009-> RNS510
Golf VII 2013-> MIB Entry
Golf VII 2013-> MIB Standard
Jetta 2010-> RCD310
Jetta 2010-> RCD315
Jetta 2010-> RCD510
Jetta 2010-> RNS310
Jetta 2010-> RNS315
Jetta 2010-> RNS510
Multivan 2010-> RCD310
Multivan 2010-> RCD315
Multivan 2010-> RCD510
Multivan 2010-> RNS310
Multivan 2010-> RNS315
Multivan 2010-> RNS510
Passat 2009-> RCD310
Passat 2009-> RCD315
Passat 2009-> RCD510
Passat 2009-> RNS310
Passat 2009-> RNS315
Passat 2009-> RNS510
Passat CC 2009-> RCD310
Passat CC 2009-> RCD315
Passat CC 2009-> RCD510
Passat CC 2009-> RNS310
Passat CC 2009-> RNS315
Passat CC 2009-> RNS510
Polo 2014-> MIB Entry
Polo 2014-> MIB Standard
Polo 2010-2013 RCD310
Polo 2010-2013 RCD315
Polo 2010-2013 RCD510
Polo 2010-2013 RNS310
Polo 2010-2013 RNS315
Polo 2010-2013 RNS510
Scirocco 2009-> RCD310
Scirocco 2009-> RCD315
Scirocco 2009-> RCD510
Scirocco 2009-> RNS310
Scirocco 2009-> RNS315
Scirocco 2009-> RNS510
Sharan 2010-> RCD310
Sharan 2010-> RCD315
Sharan 2010-> RCD510
Sharan 2010-> RNS310
Sharan 2010-> RNS315
Sharan 2010-> RNS510
Tiguan 2009-> RCD310
Tiguan 2009-> RCD315
Tiguan 2009-> RCD510
Tiguan 2009-> RNS310
Tiguan 2009-> RNS315
Tiguan 2009-> RNS510
Touran 2010-> RCD310
Touran 2010-> RCD315
Touran 2010-> RCD510
Touran 2010-> RNS310
Touran 2010-> RNS315
Touran 2010-> RNS510

Additional information

Sensor Colour

Match My Vehicle Colour, Non Color Coded


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