886XO Motorcycle Alarm


Two way motorcycle pager alarm. The system comes with two remote controls, one 20:9 wide-screen LCD and a standard multi button one as the spare. The LCD remote uses a built in rechargeable lithium battery. The alarm features automatic arming and shows the motorcycle battery voltage on the alarm LCD remote screen. Using the latest in shock sensor technology and an input from the bikes ignition switch the 886XO monitors the condition of the motorcycle. When the system detects a shock, ignition tamper or someone trying to move the bike the alarm system sounds the siren and a visual warning from the bikes turn signals is given. The remote control with the LCD display shows the triggered alarm condition. When an alarm condition is present the alarm immobilizer is activated, which interrupts the starter circuit and prevents unauthorized starting of the motorcycle. The alarm has a connection for an additional battery to provide a full battery backup solution for the alarm.



Key features:

Water resistant ECU
Backup battery for anti power cable cut
Motorcycle battery status indication in LCD remote
Low power consumption (<4mA)
Shock sensor sensitivity adjustable via remote
Remote out of operating range warning
One 2-way remote with time display system
One Standard remote
LED indicator

Technical parameters:

Operation voltage: 12V±3V
Static current: <3.5mA
Operation frequency: 433.92MHz

Siren SPL: 108-125dB
Operation voltage: 1.1-1.5V


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